Ascension Leadership Academy Shakedown Winner

The annual Ascension Leadership Academy Shakedown is a competition that looks at a student’s character, body language, conversation skills and personal presentation.

Round one was a meet and greet with Presbyterian Home staff members during a staff meeting. Students were asked to introduce themselves and initiate conversations with numerous adults.

Round two was a table interview of 8 students with PHFC President Mark Howard, First Presbyterian, Talladega Pastor LeAnn Scarborough, PHFC Education System Director, Linda Harris, and ALA etiquette teacher Millie Chastain. The interviews consisted on questions about character, hopes and dreams, problem solving, etc.

The final four contestants entered the final round. Each student had to research, write, and present a speech about a subject they were passionate about. The Shakedown victor, Phaethon, gave a speech on littering and what we can do to help end this problem.

Phaethon won a Wal-mart gift card, a trip to our local soda and ice cream shop, and an awesome trophy!

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