Hero of the Home

We had the honor of presenting the honorably retired Rev. Sid Burgess with a Hero of the Home plaque recently. With just a tiny bit of subterfuge created by Sid’s pastor at Edgewood Presbyterian we were able to lure Sid away from his interim position at Chapel in the Pines to present him with a Hero of the Home plaque in front of his home church.

Sid came out of retirement to join our staff during the summer of 2014 and upon his re-retirement earlier this year we began searching for a way to honor all of his hard work on behalf of the Presbyterian Home. Sid played a pivotal role on our staff as we worked through our recent transitions in ministry to homeless children. We will always be thankful for Sid and his encouragement, willingness to uplift our spirits and our mission in prayer, and his determined work to see Home turn into the vibrant, sustainable ministry that it has become.

Thank you Sid for ALL that you have done and continue to do for the Presbyterian Home for Children. May God bless you as much as you have blessed us.

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