Ascension Leadership Academy follows the belief that all children have the capacity to learn. Leadership is a quality interwoven throughout our curriculum. Our intent is to foster the development of a strong moral core, create an interest in learning, develop life-long self-disciplined learners, and students who will become the leaders of their communities and provide service to others throughout their lives. Our academic program centers on the development of courage/excellence, honesty, wisdom, and compassion. The house system at Ascension Leadership Academy is designed to nurture these qualities.

Our Beliefs

  • The education of all students is the primary focus of Ascension Leadership Academy.
  • Taking into consideration student exceptionalities and cultural diversity, we maintain high expectations for all students and believe that all students can learn.
  • Students are entitled to an education in a positive environment that is safe, nurturing, free from distractions, physically comfortable, and stimulating; therefore, conductive to learning.
  • Faculty and staff strive to assist students in realizing the relationship between curriculum content and their lives beyond the classroom.
  • The curriculum is implemented to develop strong moral character, to instill self-respect, and to foster positive self-esteem, thereby producing students who will become responsible members of society.


Our caring faculty provides the security and encouragement for students to have confidence in exploring new knowledge. Students know their quest for new knowledge will be met with support. These interests are fostered through community partnerships that provide training in the arts and field trips that promote and support this development.

For more information about the school click here to download the Student Handbook.

How to Apply

For a student to be considered for admission to Ascension Leadership Academy, the following are required:

  • Completed application with a $100 non-refundable application processing fee returned to the Admission Team
  • Return recent transcript including grades from current school year to the Admission Team
  • Three reference letters (with contact information)
  • Schedule and complete a parent and student interview with the Admission Team (a campus visit is recommended) by calling (256) 362-4314


Download the Ascension Leadership Academy application.

School Report and Transcript

The transcript should include all grades, state assessment information, attendance, tardy, and disciplinary information. Please mail the transcript and school report to the attention of the Director of Education. You may also request that the school mail this information directly to the Director of Education.


Admission decisions on student applications are typically made by the Admission Team.

When application information is complete, the Admission Team will make recommendations to accept or not accept the application. Once accepted, families have 10 days to return their enrollment agreement and non-refundable first month tuition deposit to reserve their place at Ascension Leadership Academy.


Decisions are made on a weekly basis while spaces are available. Interviews and campus visits can be scheduled by appointment. For further information, please contact the Director of Education at (256) 362-4314.


Ascension Acknowledgement of Code of Student Conduct

Ascension Prescription Medication Authorization