Family Support Services

We are leading Alabama with innovative programs that keep children together with their families. We are helping families in crisis stay together.

Family Bridges

Evidence-based research shows that meeting families in their own homes is an effective method of ending cycles of abuse and neglect. Rather than waiting until a child is without a safe and loving home, our Family Bridges program delivers services to preserve and reunify families.

Secure Dwellings

The Secure Dwellings Program is a program providing safe and affordable housing on the PHFC campus to homeless children and their female caregiver while our dedicated staff works to minister to their needs by empowering the caregiver to achieve goals and reach self-sufficiency and providing a safe haven for children who have been homeless to rest, grow, and play.

Supportive Housing

Supportive housing communities throughout the state serve homeless children with their female caregiver. Most residents are graduates of our Secure Dwellings program. The program is designed to provide greater independence by fostering a high level of self-sufficiency while we continue to provide vocational and life skills development.