Elementary and High School Education

When a child is homeless or living in a dysfunctional situation their education is often among the first casualties. Continually failing or struggling does even more damage to an already wounded child. Many of the children we serve have fallen behind in school and are fighting to catch up. Ascension

Leadership Academy, our accredited private school, does everything in its power to help children succeed academically.

Education provides a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and, for many of the families we serve, a road out of poverty. Our team of dedicated faculty at Ascension Leadership Academy, PHFC staff members, and tutors has formed a specialized learning environment for each child; spending countless hours supporting, mentoring and advocating for the children in our care. A PHFC, we are dedicated to maximizing each child’s academic and vocational potential.

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College Education for Residents

Most of our residents participate in dual enrollment while in high school at Ascension Leadership Academy and graduate from high school having already earned college credit. As students graduate from high school, the PHFC education team helps them define their educational objectives and choose the university, college or technical school that best fits their needs. We even help them submit applications to educational institutions, apply for financial grants and secure housing. While many of the children in our care qualify for grants and scholarships on their own, the Archibald Ritter Green Endowed Scholarship at The University of Alabama provides financial assistance at The University of Alabama and the Charles Herschel Crow & Jenny Beams Crow Foundation provides educational opportunities for our residents pursuing coursework at a university, college, trade or vocational school.