The Secure Dwellings Program is a program providing safe and affordable housing on the PHFC campus to homeless children and their female caregiver while our dedicated staff works to minister to their needs by empowering the caregiver to achieve goals and reach self-sufficiency and providing a safe haven for children who have been homeless to rest, grow, and play.

The program provides employment assistance; including educational and vocational training. PHFC also provides case management services and assistance in obtaining food stamps, health insurance, and other benefits as well as group, family and individual counseling. Financial literacy training, parenting classes, and life skills training are foundational pieces of the Secure Dwellings program.

Secure Dwellings is not an emergency shelter and only accepts families through an application, interview and assessment process. At times, our program is full and includes a wait list. If this is the case, the staff will notify you of the approximate wait time and you may elect to apply and be placed on the wait list, or apply elsewhere should your needs be more immediate.

PHFC Secure Dwellings Program
Sharon Moore, Director
905 Ashland Hwy, Talladega, AL 35160
Phone: (256) 362-2114 x 1208