Cash, check, credit card

Credit card gifts may be made online through the Donate link

Checks may be mailed to:
Resource Development,
Presbyterian Home for Children
P.O. Drawer 577, Talladega, AL 35161

Gifts may be designated for specific programs or may be left undesignated and used where most needed. Gifts may also be designated in the following ways:

  • In Honor Of – your gift is in honor of a living person or a group or an event. Please tell us the name of the person or group and the event (i.e. John Michael, High School Graduation or First Presbyterian Church PW) Please provide an address so we can send the person/group a notification of the gift. Your gift will be listed in the next issue of the newsletter BEGINNINGS under HONOR GIFTS.
  • In Memory of – your gift is in memory of a person who is deceased. Please provide us with the name of the person. If you wish a notification of your gift to go to the next of kin, give us that name and address also. Your gift will be listed in the next issue of the newsletter BEGINNINGS under MEMORIAL GIFTS.
  • 1868 SOCIETY – The 1868 Society celebrates the year the Presbyterian Home was founded by honoring donors who pledge to give $1868 or more during the coming year. Donors may contribute any amount to this fund. Those pledging $1868 or more will be recognized in a special section in the Spring issue of the newsletter BEGINNINGS.

Cars, trucks, boats, jetskis — the Presbyterian Home can accept your donation of a vehicle so you receive the maximum tax deduction. If we can’t use the vehicle, we sell locally at ZERO commission so all the proceeds go to the Home.
For more information, email Jennifer Braxton at or call at (205) 410-4851.

Furniture or Other Used Items
The Presbyterian Home Thrift Store can use your donations of furniture or other household and office items. Contact the Thrift Store for more information.

Wills, Bequests, Insurance Policies, and other forms of Planned Giving
For information about leaving money to the Home through other forms of long-term and estate planning, email Doug Marshall at, call at (256) 368-8187 or consult our online information at Planned Giving.